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It turns out that confirmed opt-in is the only way that you can prove that a person actually opted in, if challenged legally.

Instead of giving people the option to be put in the list, they are automatically put in and then have the option to request to be taken out.

Some marketers call closed-loop opt-in "double opt-in".

This term was coined by marketers in the late 90s to differentiate it from what they call "single opt-in", where a new subscriber to an email list gets a confirmation email telling them they will begin to receive emails if they take no action.

Another party, Bob, comes to that website and creates an account.

This is normally done by sending an email containing a token to the address, and requiring that the party being authenticated supply that token before the authentication proceeds.

The email containing the token is usually worded so as to explain the situation to the recipient and discourage them from supplying the token (often via visiting a URL) unless they in fact were attempting to authenticate.

However, we have already covered multi step form using j Query and Java Script.

In our example, we have used : Our complete HTML and PHP codes are given below.

PHP file: page1_Given below are the codes for first part of the form, as user fills it and clicks on next button, it will redirect to second page .

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Validating forms using php introduction

Validating forms using php

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