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Validating an ip address in a bash script

Revise config file." ;; "badauth") LOGTEXT="(badauth) Invalid username password combination." ;; "badagent") LOGTEXT="(badagent) Client disabled - No-IP is no longer allowing requests from this update script." ;; "! donator) An update request was sent including a feature that is not available." ;; "abuse") LOGTEXT="(abuse) Username is blocked due to abuse." ;; "911") LOGTEXT="(911) A fatal error on our side such as a database outage.

HELP: validating IP addresses any way possible -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am trying to validate input from the user in a script. I therefore wrote myself a small bash-script for a reliable and fast update of the IP-address.The script is certainly not perfect, but it has been working reliably for months now. /bin/bash # ------------------------------------------------------- # CONFIG # ------------------------------------------------------- USERNAME="dein-noip-benutzername" PASSWORD="dein-noip-passwort" HOST="net" LOGFILE=/var/log/IPFILE=/tmp/current_ip USERAGENT="Datenreise NOIP Updater/0.4" if [ ! -ne 0 ]; then LOGTEXT="IP file could not be created." LOGDATE="[$(date '%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S')]" echo "$LOGDATE $LOGTEXT" $LOGFILE exit 1 fi # IP Validator # function validate_ip() GET_IP_URLS=( " "" " " ) for key in $; do NEWIP=$(curl -s $ | grep -o '[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]\') if validate_ip $NEWIP; then break elif [ $key -eq $(($ - 1)) ]; then LOGTEXT="Could not find current IP. " LOGDATE="[$(date '%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S')]" echo "$LOGDATE $LOGTEXT" $LOGFILE fi done STOREDIP=$(cat $IPFILE) if [ "$NEWIP" !I know that the man page is the best place for the nitty gritties I was just looking for something that maybe got more into examples of how to pull it off in the phylosophy or had more examples. - Andrew Jackson UIN=66618055 wrote ^^^^^ Oh man, I had to look closely, this is very cool!An absolute perfect example of using bash's "local" builtin command!

-- Jeremy | [email protected] does this shell function, without using any external command: is_ip() if is_ip $addr then echo "OK" else echo "BAD" fi -- Chris F. Johnson [email protected]================================================================= [email protected] That is some butifull code.

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Validating an ip address in a bash script introduction

Validating an ip address in a bash script

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