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"This isn't the first example of a technology being used in ways not intended by its manufacturer, and it won't be the last," said a statement by a Microsoft spokesperson."Microsoft did not authorize or license its technology for this use.While the initial test of the software only allowed one to use one's hands to interact with the game / digital models, the company boasted that it was going to bring both full-body gestures (yikes) and support for voice commands in a later release. Thri XXX is going to have to find some alternate way to get its title actually on the Xbox 360, as Microsoft has come down against the creative use of its Kinect device.The company insists that there's no way that Thri XXX's gameplay, as it were, would ever pass Microsoft's certification process.Lastly, you’ll need…well whatever else tickles your fancy.A lot of these hacks are done with the aforementioned and nothing else, but some include projectors, Wii Remotes, and other hardware components.Before we get into each unique project, let’s take a look at what is actually involved in these Kinect hacks.The obvious piece of hardware that you’ll need is a Kinect itself.

And that, in itself, would require users to move their Kinects from their consoles to their PCs in order to get a little virtual hanky-panky—a move that could theoretically be quashed by Microsoft at any time, even though the company insists that it left the Kinect's USB port unprotected for just this kind of third-party modification.

With over eight million units sold in the first two months, Microsoft has hit a home run with its Kinect camera for the Xbox 360.

From the ever-growing library of software to the voice- and motion control for the 360 UI, the Kinect is thus far doing its job by effectively extending the life of the Xbox 360 beyond the six years the console has already been out.

The connection for data is vanilla USB 2.0, while the power connection is a modified, orange-accented USB connector.

The latter can only connect to the newer “slim” Xbox 360 models, but the Kinect comes with a wall adapter so you can grab power from a standard wall socket when using the camera with an older Xbox 360 model.

Because data is sent over an unmodified USB 2.0 connection, this makes the Kinect a perfect companion for any computer under the sun when it comes to hacking.

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Feb 11, 2011 I am a 19 year old male and i enjoy chatting on my xbox kinect but most of the people in the. Does anyone out there use the Xbox-kinect to adult webcam. 
13-Nov-2018 07:41
Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect camera turns out to be. voice commands and even real world sex toy objects like vibrators to control interactions in-game and. 
13-Nov-2018 07:44
Microsoft has come down against the creative use of its Kinect device to play a sex-themed, motion-tracked video game. 
13-Nov-2018 07:47
For Xbox One on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Adult webcam broadcast with Xbox One?". 
13-Nov-2018 07:52
Microsoft Kinect Sensor V2 for Windows, Development Device, Requires a Dedicated USB 3.0 Port Computers & Accessories 
13-Nov-2018 07:57
Amazing Microsoft Kinect Hacks. The Kinect has two connections. ThriXXX Demos the First Kinect Sex Game. by Jane McEntegart Dec 16. 
13-Nov-2018 08:00
And my one year old son waves at the TV like he's trying to do Kinect gestures. Video games and sex. A nanny cam is a camera people put in their nanny's. 
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New technology -- quick, how can we use it for sex?" Note Video after jump is NSFW due to awkward, scantily clad groping. A smut-peddling software company is hard! at work developing the first virtual sex games to make use of the XBox Kinect motion-control system. That's a screenshot of Captain. 
13-Nov-2018 08:05
Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera. Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect Sensor. Works well as a low end security cam too with. 
13-Nov-2018 08:09

Kinect cam sex introduction

Kinect cam sex

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