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As a result, you will see some 1990 guitars bearing N9 serial numbers Year 2000 introduced the "Z" prefix serial numbers on US made guitars, which stood for the 0 of the new millennium.A Z0 prefix dates to 2000, a Z1 prefix dates to 2001 etcetera.Serial numbers may be useful in determining the year of production of a guitar.But an incomplete registrations and illogical serial numbers is its history often unclear.

Production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses.The American Deluxe Series use the same dating code but add a "D" in front of the "Z", i.e. The following serial numbers are somewhat outside the more, well known Fender serial number schemes.If you have what you consider to be a somewhat "odd" serial number, please check the following chart to see if you find your serial number configuration here.Serial numbers have been used in various locations on Fender instruments through the years.They have been placed at the top of the neck plate, on the front of the headstock, on the back of the headstock, and on the back of the neck near where the neck bolts onto the body.

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Ver. 2.0 The Fender serial number decoder currently supports all documented MIA, MIJ, MIM, MIK and MII formats with the exception of Custom Shop, Relic and Reissue instruments. Please note that fender serial numbers tend to overlap by at least a year, and thereby the date of your guitar can only be approximated. 
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Information about serial numbers and year Fender guitars, encoder. 
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Right is in the middle pickup cavity on this guitar. The body date on a 7/57 Telecaster, under the lead pickup. The body date on the Telecaster moved from the neck pocket to under the lead pickup around 1954 or 1955. Consistently by 1956 it usually appears under the lead pickup. Fender Body Dates, 1950 to present. 
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Given the modular nature of Fender production techniques, an individual neck may have been produced in a given year, then stored for a period of time before being paired with a body to create a complete guitar, perhaps, for example, in the following year. Therefore, while helpful in determining a range of production dates. 
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Stratocaster numbers are hard to read without a decoder. This guitar guide will help you lookup the Fender serial database and show your Telecaster age. 
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Jun 17, 2014. So you need to figure out the year of production for your Fender guitar or bass. You're not alone. Fenders rank as the most frequently bought and sold instruments on Reverb, and finding a precise date of manufacture can be key to determining the value and specifics of an instrument. The most important. 
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But due to the modular nature of Fender's production methods, and the fact that most serial numbers schemes are not sequential and usually overlap from between 2 to 4 years, from the early days of Fender, through to the mid 1980s, dating by the serial number is not an exact science. DATING YOUR GUITAR. 
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Find out exactly when your instrument or amplifier was manufactured. 
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Made in Japan and Crafted in Japan Fender serial numbers can be difficult to read and understand. Learn how to read Japanese Fender serial numbers and tell how old your Fender guitar is. 
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Dating fender guitarws introduction

Dating fender guitarws

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